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Loan Originator Position

Financial Rewards

With qualified loan officer training, you are engaged as an employee of Star Mortgage and compensated on a commission basis. It is difficult to say what your annual commission income would be, since it is based on your past sales experience, your level of training in the mortgage industry, how much discipline you have, and how seriously you take your new career path.

Full Time Effort

The position requires a full time effort to become successful in the business, no matter what firm you work for. It may also require that during the first year or two, until you build a strong referral base, you would be required to devote extra efforts and adjust your work hours and work days to accommodate your customer base. We can tell you that without the proper training and daily self-discipline your chances of failure are high. If your personality is outgoing and energetic, and you have the self-discipline to develop a plan of action, and work that plan, you will succeed.


Various training programs are offered by Star Mortgage. The career courses offered are; Loan Originator Training, Product Training, Basic Sales Training, Advanced Sales Training, Marketing Techniques, Self-Promotion Techniques as well as other mini training modules.

Opportunity for Substantial Income

The position offers an opportunity to earn substantial commission income. Top producers generally reach six-figure annual commission income within a reasonable time, based on an individuals efforts and continue to grow their earnings as their referral base develops over a period of time.

So, if you believe that you have what it takes to work on commission basis, and have a desire to be in control of your financial future, the rewards of being a Loan Originator is the career opportunity you will enjoy.

Experienced Loan Originators

If you are an experienced Loan Originator and have a high production track record, this is your opportunity to achieve more income with a successful company.

Benefits of being a Star Mortgage Loan Originator

We offer you the Automated Systems, Lead Generation and Follow up Systems, Your Own Web Site, Virtual Office Remote Access, 800 Cellular Phone Number, 100s of Personalized Color Brochures, Newsletters, Drip Mail Campaigns and many more tools you need to become more successful.

Email our team recruiter and share your accomplishments. We would appreciate your interest in a career with Star Mortgage®.

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