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The Division of Banks licenses mortgage loan originators pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws chapter 255F

· Individuals wishing to apply for a license in Massachusetts


(a) is employed by or associated with one and not more than one mortgage lender or mortgage broker licensee regulated by the Division; and

(b) negotiates, solicits, arranges, provides or accepts residential mortgage loan applications on real property located in Massachusetts, or assists consumers in completing such applications.

· Click here to access NMLS National Mortgage Licensing System

· Approved Loan Originator Education Courses

If you are a new Loan Originator, you must take the 24-hour Residential Mortgage Lending Course prior to receiving final approval for your license.

IF YOU FAIL to take the course you will forfeit the licensing fees you have already paid and be prohibited from acting as a loan officer until such time as you complete the course, re-apply for your license and receive your approval.

The Massachusetts Mortgage Education Council (“MMEC” which is an MMA/MMBA joint council) is offering the 24-hour approved courses.

Call the MMA or MMBA for the next scheduled course. The course is 24 hours and the 3 days are full 8 hour days to comply with regulations.

MMA 781 393.9400

MMBA 617 570-9114

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