The Business of Star Mortgage®

We are "The People That Offer Solutions". We are in the business of arranging home loans which help make the dream of home ownership possible.

"Our Missionis to help make the opportunities for home ownership for families and individuals from all cultures and to help arrange home loans for homeowners for virtually any need, while sharing our financial knowledge with consumers so they are able to make an informed financial decision in the single most important transaction of their lives".

Star Mortgage®


We accomplish our mission everyday with a commitment to provide a superior quality of service. This is accomplished by maintaining a high degree of business ethics, consumer trust and confidence, and maintaining adeptness and expertise in what we do. A very important key to delivering this superior service is by building an elite team of Licensed Mortgage Professionals to execute our commitment to consumers of "Trust-Knowledge-Reliability".

The American tradition of homeownership has never been so desirable and needed... and Star Mortgage® has made a commitment to be part of it. Homeownership strengthens our nation as a whole and the families that have built communities throughout America have done an exceptional job making America a safe place to prosper.

This is how we do it

Star Mortgage® is what you might call a conduit for many sources of money needed to finance real estate. Over the years, Star Mortgage® has established strong relationships with institutional lenders, major national banks and the secondary lending market, as well as, agencies like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Veterans Administration. These sources of funds for home loans would not be available to the local community without conduit relationships to bring the loans products to virtually every consumers door step.

Without these national conduit sources of funds, the local banks would not have aggressive national competition. This is what national conduit sources of home loan money have done for the consumer since it became a viable reality in 1981. Simply, interest rates have continued to decline and more families have achieved their dream of homeownership. Now local banks must compete with national conduits like Star Mortgage® with lower rates and more loan programs.

Star Mortgage® is dedicated to the education of individuals that join the Star Team, to help us provide the quality of services "Our Mission" affirms.

Jay P. Austin President

Star Mortgage® USA




Star Mortgage® is our trademark. Registered at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC


Massachusetts Mortgage Broker License NMLS #1206

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